Sonic Butterfly


Sonic Butterfly is a two octave, chromatic, acoustic long-string harp with 60 foot strings and projection and LED wings, created in 2013 by acclaimed musician and installation artist, Andrea Brook. The production is visually and sonically stunning, transforming architecture and natural environments into an immersive musical instrument.

Sonic Butterfly performs throughout the globe including featured presentations in the historic El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the Atlanta Motor Speedway, a grand cathedral in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Sonic Butterfly performs for corporate clients including Rolls Royce, Lincoln Motors and Caterpillar, for festivals around the world including Costa Rica, Mexico, Bulgaria and the US, and in theaters like the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center, the Regent Theater, and Libbey Bowl.

A dynamically beautiful solo performance that becomes even more spectacular with the incredible line-up of musicians that share the stage, including Grammy winner Mikael Jorgensen from the band Wilco, David Lynch’s vocal muse and Twin Peaks star Chrysta Bell, Carnegie Hall opera singer Rebecca Comerford, and Grammy and Academy Award winning flute player Steve Gorn.


Like a magician, Brook stroked electronically sensitized strings that stretched the entire length of the performance space, causing melodic pulsations that added a magical dimension.
— Jim Farber, San Francisco Classical Voice


Blue Cocoon

A sexy, dreamy, superstar trio featuring David Lynch’s vocal muse, Chrysta Bell, Grammy Award Winner from the band Wilco, Mikael Jorgensen, and Andrea Brook’s Sonic Butterfly. Golden strings span out overhead and envelope the audience, and Blue Cocoon transports the audience into an alternative audio dimension. The audiences agree, “Blue Cocoon” is “mind blowing!” 


Featuring Sonic Butterfly’s Andrea Brook, Grammy & Academy Award winner Steve Gorn on flute, clarinet and soprano saxophone, Carnegie Hall vocalist Rebecca Comerford, voltaic violinist Chris Murphy, multi-talented drummer Brad Ranola, and electric and upright bassist Greg McFall. This full band show is a kaleidoscope of changing patterns, Sonic Butterfly’s golden long string harp envelopes the audience, and the songs reflect sounds from around the globe, performed with intimacy and expansiveness, creating a journey of grace, beauty, and energy.