Harmonious Wail

Madison, WI

These purveyors of Americana infused Gypsy Jazz celebrated their 30th Anniversary and are continuing to take their listeners on a ride ranging from the music of the Hot Club sounds of Paris to the deepest blues of the Memphis Delta to the folk scenes across “every town” America into their 4th decade of existence.  The Wail are sublime entertainers, great educators and they’ve mastered the art of lifting spirits.

Harmonious Wail is Sims Delaney-Potthoff, a mandolin virtuoso, bandleader, vocalist and master of all things behind the curtain, Maggie Delaney-Potthoff, vocalist extraordinaire whose percussive instrument of choice is a cardboard box, but who also has a knack for exploring the musicality of almost any household object, and Jeffo Weiss, master bassist who dazzles and mesmerizes on both upright and electric bass.

Every performance is played from the heart and infused with the perfect balance of ingredients that firmly proves that music truly does make the world a better place. Recognized as the “Dr. Feelgood” of Gypsy Jazz, Harmonious Wail has an knack for lifting the spirits of listeners of all ages. The Wail celebrates 10 recordings to date, the three most recent having been submitted for Grammy nomination consideration. Their upcoming project, currently in the works, finds them teamed up with a group of Gypsy Jazz all-stars.

Harmonious Wail glass rooftop
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…each member’s intense playing and sense of purpose never wavers….. It is definitely an uplifting, mind-altering experience.
— The Washington Examiner


If You Can Speak You Can Sing

Maggie’s Method for Vocal Ease is presented by Harmonious Wail’s Maggie Delaney- Potthoff. Find your most natural and powerful voice. Begin to think like a singer and integrate breath, muscle control, and lyric interpretation, to get the best results possible. This workshop is geared toward fun, risk taking, and adventures in singing. Singers of all styles are welcome. 

Mandolin World: Gypsy Jazz Mandolin Workshop 

Starting off the top, Sims will teach the basic rhythm of this genre in this hands-on clinic. It is known as “Le Pompe”, and is what makes this style of Jazz stand out from all others. Sims will break it down to simplify the task of learning the language of Gypsy Jazz music. Participants of this workshop will learn cool into’s and outgo’s that they can play at their next jam or open mic. Handouts will be shared for working on the basic melodies of Django Reinhardt. 

Holiday Spirits

Unwrap a gift of holiday spirits from the Wail’s collection of their favorite holiday songs including “Let It Snow” and “Sleigh Ride” with a wee dram of musical whimsy & merriment.