Cold Springs, NY

An artist who has been called “stunningly original” with “a visionary imagination,” composer and pianist Daniel Kelly explores the meeting place of music with literature, visual art and journalism, captivating audiences across the country. A prolific composer and tireless musical explorer, Kelly continually seeks out new avenues for his creativity.

All the World’s a Song: Shakespeare in Jazz is Kelly’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s works into fresh and dynamic jazz songs that have audiences singing along in sheer delight. Blind Visionaries is his stunning multi-media collaboration with the pioneering group of visually-impaired photographers, the Seeing with Photography Collective.


Your visit to our campus was so inspiring to me and my students. What you do in the world is so important and inspiring. Thank you for giving your time to my students and our community. What a gift to have you here.
— Ingrid De Sanctis, Professor, School of Theatre and Dance, James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)


All the World’s a Song: Shakespeare in Jazz

Ensemble size: duo (voice/piano); trio (voice, piano, bass) or 4-et (voice, piano, bass, drums)

Award-winning composer and pianist, Daniel Kelly brilliantly reinterprets texts from Shakespeare’s most beloved plays with powerhouse jazz vocalists (Frederick Johnson and Sarah Elizabeth Charles).

Excerpts from Shakespeare’s masterpieces are transformed into songs that delight audiences.

All the World’s a Song offers an engaging introduction to the master’s work while offering exciting new interpretations for Shakespeare aficionados.

Engaging, enlivening and thought-provoking for audiences of all ages.  People will be singing lines from Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and Midsummer Night’s Dream as they leave the concert!

School performances & workshops available.

Blind Visionaries: The Seeing with Photography Collective

Ensemble Size: 4-et plus two photographers*

Exhibited in galleries around the world, the haunting and poetic images of the Seeing with Photography Collective are created in a dynamic process called “light painting” transporting the viewer into their unique dream world of surreal portraits.

Their stunning and captivating images will be projected on a video screen throughout the performance. Audiences will hear recorded interviews from these blind & visually impaired photographers reflecting upon their personal experiences with blindness and Daniel Kelly’s riveting original music composed in response to these compelling stories.

Same-day workshops are available.

*various based on budget and availability


Ensemble Size: 4-et with opportunity to collaborate with local artist(s)

Throughout each Rakonto (the Esperanto word for “story”), recorded audio interviews are woven throughout the music, so friends, families and neighbors hear themselves telling their stories with music performed by Daniel’s ensemble of some of New York City’s finest jazz musicians. Hearing their lives celebrated through music is always an uplifting and powerful experience for audiences.

Rakonto is a special way to highlight and/or bring awareness of a specific topic to your community. Previous commissioned works include: "Voices from the Farm", "Life After the Storm", and Melting Pot.