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A World of Violin: combines acoustic and electric violin with loop pedal featuring Christian’s development from age 5 to present, exploring a world of music from Bach and Paganini to bluegrass, jazz, and more. Accessible for family and educational audiences. This program features Christian’s 16-year old daughter and violinist, Camille Howes. GREAT FOR FAMILY PROGRAMMING AND SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES.

Christian Howes’  “Creative String  Experience”  expands musicianship  for  string  players  through  a  residency  combining workshops,  concerts,  teacher  training,  and  online  curriculum. The purpose of Christian’s school  visits  is  to  provide  an  interactive, inspirational,  and  educational  experience  for  high  school,  middle school,  and  elementary  students  as  well  as  teachers  throughout your  district.  We will work with  you  to  provide  clinics,  rehearsals, teacher  training,  masterclasses  and  a  culminating  concert.  Prior to and following your event, you will  be  supported  via  online curriculum  for  the  entire  classroom.  We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with  you  in  giving  your  students  creative  skills, confidence,  and  opening  them  to  new  worlds  in  their  musical growth.