About Goodman Artists 

Based in Chicago, Goodman Artists focuses on emerging musicians who combine their artistic excellence with an original creation produced by curiosity and exploration. Challenged by the internet, TV, and pop cultural Goodman Artists works closely with its artists to develop their programs based on a concept that is engaging to audiences. That can be unique instrumentation, audience participation (in developing the work), or a strong cultural influence.

GA is careful to only work with artists that understand the importance of being a part of a team effort to provide you with the necessary support to promote their shows.

The idea of “Crave Curiosity” came to me when I started to realize that while I live in a hip urban city, a majority of the people I would encounter whether close acquaintance or the random folks I meet while out and about wouldn’t be familiar with the variety of events and performances that we presenters, agents and artists are so anxious to share with them. The obvious reasons were budget and schedule. But there is something else out there far greater than those two elements combined: (because let’s face it: when I see a new purse I like or want to hang with my friends: I find the money and I make the time). The missing element is curiosity.

The musicians on the GA roster, while each offering projects that distinguish themselves all share one common denominator: they encourage your audience crave curiosity.

About Tiffany

Tiffany Goodman, founder of Goodman Artists represents musicians of the jazz/world genre. Prior to opening her agency Ms. Goodman worked in the arts for nearly 10 years. She was part of an artistic team that managed the careers of the six competition winners of the 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (Fort Worth, TX). She has also worked in programming, marketing, and publicity with organizations such as Science Chicago (Museum of Science and Industry), Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and Millennium Park.

Shortly after opening its doors in 2011, Goodman Artists won 2nd place in the City of Chicago’s Office of the City Treasurer’s Small Business Plan Competition. Second to music her passion lies in foreign language. Fluent in Spanish she is determined to visit every Latin American country at least once in her lifetime (and she has a way to go). Ms. Goodman received her B.A in Spanish from DePaul University with additional coursework in Music (piano) and Business.